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“Architecture is not so much a knowledge of form, but a form of knowledge”

- Bernard Tschumi


From estimation to specification, we leave nothing out. Filled with detailed reviews and follow-ups, our customers will know exactly what is going into their project. From cement to painting, plumbing, and electrical works- we have professional engineers and interior staff on board who will give you a finish worthy of awe.


We transform empty spaces into spaces worth living in.With 3D views of the complete interiors customized uniquely for your requirement, you can view everything in great detail using just your smartphone. This will help you visualize the way you will be living or using the space even before it has been built. Space Planning requires an immense presence of mind, imagining spaces, and filling them with art. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of experts who are well versed in the art of space planning.

Interior Designing


Architectural Consulting

Architecture is starting from an abstract idea and turning it into something concrete. In architectural consulting, we will be taking into account factors such as the location of the project, environment, cost, construction, and technology. Building and discussing futuristic homes are part of macro-level urban planning. We will hear you out and transform your words into a tangible structure.


A well-structured and solid building plan is fundamental to the success of any project. From floor plans and cross-sections to site plans, elevations and landscape drawing, our team of experts advises you on the feasibility and market trends at every step before giving form to your ideas. 

Building Plan


Soft Furnishing

 The material, texture, and colour of the soft furnishing used can shape the character of a space.  Hence, every piece of furnishing like curtains, cushions, beddings, rugs and sofas are chosen keeping in mind the atmosphere and tone you desire.


Renovation and painting breathe new life into old buildings. We conduct quality Interior and exterior renovation across a wide spectrum of buildings within deadlines. Well organized and efficient, our renovation services team conducts a thorough condition and cost assessment, discusses the possibilities and formulates a solid plan based on your requirements.

Renovation & Painting


Home Automation

Upgrade your security and ease of living with wired and wireless smart home technology. We set up end to end automation from door locking mechanisms, alarm and monitoring systems to home appliance controls like light and temperature controls. Thus we ensure you are in control of your home even when you are away from it.


Our classy bespoke furnishing, with superior quality wood and upholstery, adds perfect elegance to your commercial spaces. The logo of choice can be embedded onto any area of the furnishing as required.

Logo Embedded Furnishing

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