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Royallinks was founded by two brothers, Mr.Rejilal and Mr.Raghulal in 2006. Both have decades of expertise and experience in Home construction and Interior design. Initially it started with interior designs and building management and later into

 Royalinks houseconstruction.
Royallinks as Top builders in Bangalore, has always been about being housing and designing brand that people can trust, depend and afford. Customer satisfaction is our main theme. Royallinks undertakes construction and design of residential, commercial
and institutional buildings across bangalore. We are proud to have provided homes for more than100+families, and 1500+ interior
design projects. Our managing directors Mr.Rejilal and Mr. Raghulal bring their knowledge, passion and dedication to the workforce and creates friendly environment in the workplace. They have overseen a broad range of successful projects in the commercial and residential
house construction industry across bangalore. Royallinks have high tech industrial machinery, long term Professional and
Experienced architects, designers, and engineers, Follow new trendy designs in the field of construction and interior design.

Our Logo


A logo is not only a brand identity but also upholds the values of the company. As per the Indian belief system, anything in this world is made up of Panch Bhootas. Bhoomi (Earth), Gagan (Sky), Vaayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Neer (Water).

The very first letters of these words are combined to form – BHA GA VA A N = Bhagavan which translates to GOD in Indian languages and is the basis of universal structure.  Royal Links logo depicts these five elements forming and protecting a house. The grey colour of the house depicts the sky is the limit which is for the dreams of both clients and us. 

People living in the houses that we build should enjoy the eight wealth viz. Love, Commitment, Strength, Energy, Purity, Fertility,  Fortune, and Prosperity is our wish. For this reason, the inside view through the window is the colour red as it depicts all of these. We believe life is all about building a relationship. So, we just don’t build the houses but a strong relationship with our clients, vendors, and staff. As we value all of them as kings and queens, the solid links/tie-ups that we make with all of you through our journey become Royal Links. 

The word Royal Links is written in Dark Blue, which represents our core values –

·       Subject Knowledge about our work

·        Confidence & Competence to take up projects and finish on time

·       Passionate but Practical in our approach

·       Thoughtful Decisions and Intelligent Execution

·       Order and Self-control keeps us Grounded

·       Honesty & Integrity in all our dealings

·       Loyalty to all stakeholders

·       Remain Trustworthy & Dependable all times


We aspire to be the preferred brand in the construction and interior industry by converting empty spaces into a happy environment of peace, comfort, and pride consistently.


Royallinks intend to set a new benchmark in the construction and interior industry ensuring customers’ delight by delivering the clients’ own happiest homes by leveraging the support of our employees and by adhering to the systems and process. We strive to create goodwill while being responsible to the environment and stakeholders.


We are optimistic about applying futuristic design and technology in the process by giving importance to R&D. We focus on unity through mutual respect, cooperation, and enlargement to produce fine quality output. We are aware of market trends and fluctuations through continuous market research to quote an affordable price for our service. We encourage our trust with stakeholders through promises that become a reality without compromising quality and efficiency.


Royallinks believes in happy work rather than hard or smart work, to achieve clients’ Happiest Homes. Royallinks follows transparency and disclosure to ensure the integrity of the process. We assure your Happy face.

MD’s Talk

Managing director Royallinks

Rejilal Rajan

Managing Director

Customized luxury homes for you with unmatched best quality!

“Royallinks always owe to provide you happy homes in your dream design. We construct your house with the dedication and wish to see your happy smile. We are not only deals with the technical building construction but also give you a whole life emotion by presenting your home”

Reghulal Rajan
Managing Director

“Royallinks was established with the motto, ‘build beyond your dreams’. Royallinks always owe to provide you with happy homes in your dream design. Our construction comprises in the most systematic and contemporary way with the dedication to give you a happy smile. We not only deal with technical building construction but also give you a whole life emotion by presenting your home”.

Meet Our Team

We have a dedicated team of professional and highly experienced engineers and
skilled Architects, technical and marketing team who are committed to
accomplish constructions in a fixed time frame.

Human Resource

Ibnu Mashhood K T
HR Manager

Business Development

Varun Gowda
Sales Head

Architects Department

Afsal Said Mubarak
Senior Architect

Junior architect

Varna Vichithran
Junior Architect


Adarsh Kumar MC
Project Architect

Operation Team

Project manager

Tarun SK

Project Manager

Project manager


Asst. Project Manager

Marketing & IT

Technology research manager

Archith Sarvesh K S 

Asst. Digital Marketing Manager

Technical solutions specialist


SEO & IT Specialist

Channel Sales

Chinmai H Gowda
Channel Sales Manager



Business development manager

Sai Sathvik Pola
Pre-Sales Manager

Business development manager

Yashaswini J
Inside Sales Executive

Customer Relationship Management

Soundarya J

Customer Relationship Manager

Customer relation executive

Customer Relationship Executive

Finance Department

Finance head

Sasmi Rejilal

Finance Head

Accounts head


Finance Manager

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