December 01, 2022 - BY Vismaya Mahendran

Best Dates For House Construction - December 2022


To own a beautiful home needs many more precautions to take beforehand. The first point is to ensure the purity and security of the land upon which the construction is going to be take place. This is for the whole goodness of the upcoming procedures and the future. The land carries an auspicious aura and blessing for the existence of a perfect home. As per the tradition of India, Bhoomi puja is the supreme thing to conduct for acquiring all the positivity on the land and to bring over success to the house construction. It is a commonly done in India to find out the perfect date to begin the construction. Hence finding out the perfect muhurat date for the event is important too.

What is Bhumi puja?

The ritual of Bhumi puja takes away all the negativities connected to the land. The fundamental objective of Bhumi puja is to take blessings from the Bhumi goddess and vastu purush, the deity of all directions for the building process. The five elements of nature such as earth, water, fire, air and space are also worshipped during the occasion. The ritual includes laying foundation stone for the house on the ground and evoking the God’s blessings. Normally the Bhumi puja takes place in the north-east corner of the construction site. According to the vastu experts, the digging at the site should start from the north-east corner of the land as well. The date of Bhumi puja is normally advised by an astrologer as per the details of the building owner’s horoscope. In other cases the date can be decided on the basis of tithi, nakshatra and all.

The importance of Bhumi puja

As the ritual involves the prayer to the five elements, it contains much significance on the construction as well as nature.

·         Performing Griha nirmana puja helps to eliminate vastu doshas  and negative energies surrounding the land.

·         Helps for an efficient construction with all the success.

·         Provides protection for the construction process and the future living of the family.

·         Also ensures the happiness and well-being in the residence.

·         Last but not least, Bhumi puja is performed to ask forgiveness from all the living organisms under the ground for the unintentional harm during the construction process.

Things should be avoided during Bhumi puja

Days to avoid- Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays are not meant for conducting bhumi puja.

Pakshas to avoid- Divaskarma, Shraadh paksha, and Hadpaksha are not considered perfect for Graha nirman puja.

Teethis to avoid- Fourth, ninth, and fourteenth teethis are not ideal for the puja.

Ideal Hindu months for Bhumi puja 2022

·         Pausha

·         Vaisakha (Baisakh)

·         Agrahayana

·         Phalguna

Some astrologers also recommend months of Sravana, Karthik, Maagh, and Bhadrapada.

Ideal nakshatras for Bhumi puja 2022

·         Margashirsha

·         Auradha

·         Uttara Phalguni

·         Dhanishtha

·         Pushya

·         Uttara Bhadrapada

·         Hasta

·         Uttara Aashaadha

·         Revati

·         Shatabhisha

·         Chitra

·         Rohini

Auspicious tithis for Bhumi puja 2022

·         Dwitiya

·         Tritiya

·         Panchami

·         Saptami

·         Dashmi

·         Ekadashi

·         Thrayodashi

·         Purnima

Ideal muhurat for Bhumi puja 2022

·         Dwitya

·         Tritya

·         Panchami

·         Shashti

·         Ashtami

·         Navami

·         Ekadashi

·         Dwadashi


Best dates for Bhumi puja in December 2022

Ø  1/12/2022- Thursday – purva, Bhadrapada nakshatra

Ø  2/12/2022- Friday- uttara, Bhadrapada nakshatra

Ø  7/12/2022- Wednesday – krittika nakshatra

Ø  8/12/2022- Thursday- rohini nakshatra

Ø  9/12/2022- Friday- mrigashirsha nakshatra

Ø  14/12/2022- Wednesday – magha nakshatra

Ø  15/12/2022- Thursday- purva phalguni makshatra

Ø  16/12/2022- Friday – purva phalguni nakshatra


Since most Indians are religious in everything they do, the process of building a home is no different. Having a home and a happy life in that is very important for each person. So construction of the home should be done perfectly with a lot of care and blessings from God. Bhumi puja helps to invoke God’s blessings and drag out all the negativities. Hence the importance of Bhumi puja is always relevant and should be done prior to the construction.