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House Construction Cost In Bangalore 2022 [Detailed Guide]-Royallinks

Author - Vismaya Mahendran

As the IT capital and a gem of a tourist destination in India, Bangalore exhibits scope in the residential sector. Due to the various advanced chances and opportunities, people have always pursued building a house in the city.

But what is the house construction cost in Bangalore now? That’s what we are discussing. The average house construction cost in Bangalore in 2022 would range from Rs 1,600/- per square foot to Rs 3,000/- per sqft ranges, along with other factors. You can build an affordable house here when you’re well aware of the cost and parameters.

30×40 House Construction Cost in Bangalore 2022 (Material + Design).


It can be done with various costs if you’re planning to construct a house on a 30×40 site in Bangalore. You can build a one-storey house, duplex, or else according to your preference, in the supposed 1,200 sqft. It all costs differently, like each house plan. 

Many house construction companies and building contractors charge according to the material specification. Different house construction company in Bangalore has different quotations based on the material they are offering.

In short, for a single ground floor construction in a 30×40 plot, the built-up area appears to be 988 square feet; the cost will be around 16 to 18 lakhs. On average, the house construction cost in Bangalore on a 30×40 plot would be around 30 to 60 lakhs in 2022, depending on the location, size, number of floors & house features. The final cost estimation would be based on the cost of the land, permit, materials used for the construction, labor, and other expenses related to the house construction.

20X30 House Construction Cost in Bangalore 2022 (Material + Design).

Another option for you to build your house upon is a 20×30 plot area. If you favor a 20×30 plot, you can proceed with a house that only has a ground floor or a duplex. You can make plans for a house with more floors, with the specifications of the architects and according to the site’s nature.

A 20×30 site is approximately 600 sqft. If you are going with a one-storey house, the built-up area will be 600 square feet with a construction cost of 10 to 11 Lakhs. If you are proceeding with extra floors, the cost varies accordingly, along with the increase in the total built-up area. For example, G+3 house construction in Bangalore on a 20×30 plot area in 2022 will cost almost 15 to 40 lakhs.

House Construction Cost for Plot Size 60×40 (Material + Design).

For the much broader area, you can go for the 60×40 site. With a 2,400 sq ft area, a 60×40 plot gives you the best option to construct any simple house or mansion you want. In particular, this plot area features a plan of the multi-storey house with a total built-up area of 2340 sq ft. 

The average house construction cost in Bangalore 2022 for a 60×40 plot is 60 lakhs to 90 lakhs.

Building Sanction Approval Cost in Bangalore BBMP/BMRDA/BDA


BDA, Bangalore Development Authority, is the principal planning authority. The builder should get the plan approval from BDA to precede any further construction progress. The BDA plan sanction cost changes according to the project scale. As the building plan sanction fee, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) often costs Rs 20,000/- to 80,000/- Depending on the building size and guidance value, the amount varies in different areas.

Building Foundation Cost.


In Bangalore, for up to a 3-floor building, the Foundation cost is often estimated as 15% to 20% of the total construction cost of a one-story house by using thumb rule. For example, the foundation cost for a 1,500 sqft house will range between 2.7 lakh to 3.6 lakh, 15% to 20% of the total construction cost of one story house of 18 lakh, respectively.  

What Is The Labour Cost in Bangalore For House Construction?

 In Bangalore, labour cost per square foot is approximately 210 to 300 Rupees for residential buildings. The cost is divided into two. A cost of Rs 140 to 200 Rupees per sqft for the construction of the civil work, and about Rs. 70 to 100 per sqft for finishing, tiling, electrical, plumbing work, painting, and all, respectively. For instance, the labor cost for a 1,000 sqft house would range between 2.1 lakh to 3 lakh as the estimation goes in between 210 to 300 Rupees with the 1,000 sqft.

Home Layout Approval Cost.

The home layout approval cost in Bangalore varies from Rs. 20,000/- to 80,000/- It depends on several factors, including residential approvals, site measurements, built-up area, and particular authority under which the plot needs to be approved, like BDA, BBMP, BMRDA, etc. For 30×40 and 40×60 plot areas, the number of floors for which one can get plan approval is G+3 floors and G+4 floors, respectively. The fourth-floor approval depends on the condition of the site on which the property comes.

Finishing Cost.

Finishing includes doors, windows, wooden work, electric and sanitary fittings, and grillwork. The finishing cost often ranges from Rs 500 to 3000 per sqft, according to the facilities.

How Much Do Architects Charge In Bangalore?

The architecture cost usually ranges between 9 to 16% of the total construction cost depending on the architect’s experience. In Bangalore, the architecture cost for a floor plan is about Rs 20,000/- for a 1000 sq ft area. The price varies according to the site condition and the customization you precede in your home construction plan.

The elevation design (2D and 3D) costs 25,000/- to 35,000/- For architectural working drawings, the architecture fee would be around 80,000/- to 100000/- And for the 2D interior design and 2D&3D interior design, they charge Rs.30,000/- to 45,000/- and Rs. 70,000/- to 10,0000/-, respectively. The architecture cost would be Rs. 10,000/- to 20,000/- for the bill checking and any clearances to the contractors.

Raw Material Cost for House Construction.

Some key basic materials include RCC reinforced steel, cement, concrete, sand, and bricks. However, determining the amount of raw materials is normally difficult because it greatly depends on the design and brand of the construction.

Current Steel Cost(Post Covid Impact).

Steel price in Bangalore in 2021 was about Rs 59,000/- to 60,000/- per tonne due to covid and the war between Russia and Ukraine. By April 2022, there is a decline in steel price by 10-15%, dropping the price to Rs 56,000 /-per tonne.


 There will be an additional charge in total house construction cost per certain conditions. Lift equipment and any other structural changes will cause additional costs. Also, landscaping, adding interiors like wardrobe, lighting, and false ceiling, and additional cladding or fabrication cost extra.

Another condition to add a charge to the total cost of house construction is having the construction area greater than 5000/- sqft of the super built area. In this case, the transformer equipment and installation will cost extra.


 To build a home here in Bangalore, we should ensure the parts that make the expenses. Each factor that causes expenses mentioned above such as the foundation cost, labor cost, finishing cost, home layout cost, architecture cost, and BBA/BBMP, comprises the final house construction cost estimation.

 As a hub of technology and development, it is so beneficial for you to have a home in Bangalore. Considering and analyzing all the given information about house construction costs in Bangalore in 2022, you can easily find out how to build an affordable house here. Best of luck to have your dream home here and thereby raising your lifestyle graph.


1. How much does building an eco-friendly home/duplex house in a 30x 40 plot in Bangalore cost?

For a 30x40 plot of 1200 sq ft, the house construction cost to build a duplex would be around 36 lakh depending on the factors such as built-up area, authority approvals, labor cost, foundation cost, etc.

2. What is a good plot size to build a house, 30 X 50, 30 X 50, or 30 X 60?

30*50, 35x50, and 30x60 plot areas are 1500 sq ft, 1750 sq ft, and 2100 sq ft, respectively. So a 30x60 site would be better to build a house than the other two by providing a much wider area to attribute various house styles.

3. How much is the cost of a 30 X 40 house with ground plus three floors in Bangalore?

For a G+2 house on a 30 X 40 plot area in Bangalore, the house construction cost will be around 54 lakh.

4. How much is the cost of compound wall construction in Bangalore?

Considering the stone cladding on the outside portion, a 7 feet height compound wall would cost Rs 2500 per sqft.

5. Will house construction costs go down in 2022?

Since construction materials have doubled, construction costs should increase by 8 to 9% by the end of 2022.