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Having a dedicated person to look into your requirements makes it easy for us to communicate clearly. We provide A to Z solutions customized to your conditions with in-house designers, laborers, and our factory. All these add up to quality work in a lesser time frame. In other words the perfect choice for you.

“We design your residence based on Vastu sastra. We bring together both Vastu sastra and modern construction technique to build your house in perfect harmony and balance”.

How It Works

Client Meeting
A personalized discussion with the client to understand their requirement, merging it with practicality to make a sound plan of action, is required to make interiors to give interiors a distinct identity.
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Space Planning
Interior space planning is necessary as optimum space utilization without compromising the aesthetics and quality is our forte.
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3D Designs
Get to know about our quality, work and process by visiting some of our nearest projects. Clear your queries if any with our technical expert.
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Estimation and Design Development
4th stage is when we do full-fledged designing of the interiors. We accommodate the changes (if any) the client has requested after the 3D design review, and the cost is estimated.
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Execution at factory
All the requirements are met with quality materials handpicked by our experts and work done in our factory. This ensures Quality, Durability, and Cost-Effectiveness and leaves you in peace and calm till the installation day.
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Installation at site
With proper planning and all required materials, our skilled laborers efficiently complete the installation in the minimum possible time.
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Features We are Providing in Our Interior Designing.

German Machinery​

We are influenced by Italian technology. Implementing this technology in interior design, we Royallinks express our uniqueness.

Own Factory​


We have our in-house factory and skilled labor. All the designs are handcrafted, quality-assured, and customizable.

Project management​

A great project management team handles every project. Our management team is able to execute project Ontime without delay.

Material Specification​

Our interior designers assist you with the material specifications, and they help to choose the best quality materials with a modern touch.

Colors and Finishes

We are able to give service unmatchable. We are perfect, from choosing the best colors to crystal precise finishing.

Furniture and Lighting.

We provide lighting & furnishing with a one-stop resource for information about home decor products.

Why Do Home Owners Choose Royallinks
Interior Designers

Our expertise and best ideas would certainly turn your house into your model home. Our major interiors designing services are modern, innovative and elegant.

Personalized attention to every client
Helps to Choose the best quality materials​
Quality Interior fitting and Furnishing services​
Luxury and Custom made Furniture​​
New and Westernized interior design concepts​
Stay within the budget​

Our Projects

End to End Interior Design Solutions.

Wardrobe Designs

Wardrobes build the harmony of goods in the house and, at the same time, optimize the whole space. We do themed compact wardrobes for you in several varieties of material, finishing, and cost. 

Varieties of customized wardrobe designs we offer can match the model of any house. According to your preference, we provide wardrobes that bring an aesthetic touch to your place.

Kitchen inferiors bangalore

Custom Furniture Design

A home is not only the walls and roof but is about everything we bring. We provide custom-made furniture designs to make your house more beautiful and meaningful.


 The furniture we propose reveals our quality standards and suits both your and your house’s aesthetic sense. Furthermore, our customized furniture is a more logical choice for you compared to store-bought ones. We care for the beauty and comfort our product brings to your home as well as you.

Living room interior designers

Bathroom Interiors

We deliver up-to-mark bathroom interiors for you in any trend or design. Our customized bathroom interiors provide whatever things you want. We bestow necessary appliances and accessories like a shower, bath, basin, vanity, suitable tiles combination, and towel rails. Besides, we offer designed wall mirrors that grant luxury to your bathroom with good lighting and ventilation as well.

Best bedroom interior design

Wooden Flooring & Carpets

We offer you customized wooden flooring and carpets coupled with the house theme. If you are a fan of western-styled homes, then the wooden flooring and themed carpets are sure for you. 

We present wooden flooring, especially with quite durable hardwood. Carpets always express a welcoming appearance and warmth of comfort. We offer you several types of carpet, including textured, plush, frieze, cable, Berber, and cut-and-loop, that subsequently make your home cozy.

false ceiling

Soft Furnishing

We give soft furnishings for your house that include upholstery fabric, curtains, cushions, rugs, and carpets. All this adds to the beauty of the house; in short, makes it lively, brighter, and vibrant. 

According to the house design and theme, we deliver types of soft furnishings such as draw curtains, drapes, and glass curtains; with light and dark shades of color. To summarize, we choose the color of the fabrics to coordinate with the palette of the room. Are you looking for the Best Interior Design Firm in Bangalore?

bedroom interior designers bangalore

Modular Kitchen Designs

If you are seeking a fully efficient kitchen, then a modular kitchen is the only solution for you. A modular kitchen helps you in many ways. For example, it usually helps in space management, remodeling, flexibility, ease of maintenance, and cost-effective installation. 

We offer you custom-designed modular kitchen interiors. The creative professional designers of Royallinks are always up to make your awesome modular kitchen designs. We put forward kitchen designs in distinct shapes, color schemes, finishing, and storage options according to your choice.


customised furniture design

Living Interiors

We contribute customized living interiors. We design interiors according to the proportion and design of your residence so that each thing in your living room will be appropriate.

 For you, we offer everything that your living room needs. Our designers bring out balance, unity, rhythm, and contrast in a suitable texture that deals with the interior and your home.

bedroom interior designers

Room Interiors

We do customized room interiors to complete your home and its fineness. By keeping the contrast, pattern, proportion, rhythm, variety, and unity, we hold the principles. 

We make sure of the elements like color, form, line, shape, and texture. With simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic color palette, we give you a minimalist room interior. With all the principles and elements, we confirm the uniformity of the designs by all means.

Wooden flooring

False Ceiling Designs

A proper roof is necessary for both commercial and residential buildings. Besides protection, the roof highlights the whole building’s interior. We bestow customized false ceiling interiors with many functional features like sound and light control and giving space for housing wires and pipes.

 False ceilings generally offer moisture resistance and fire safety also. We design false ceilings with different materials like wood, fiber, glass, metal, and gypsum. The materials we use, on the other hand, enhance the functional and aesthetic properties of the house.

bedroom interior designers bangalore
Best bedroom interior designer

Modern and Contemprary

Whether you are interested in modern or contemporary interior styles, our designers do both for you. We follow the popular contemporary interior design style and use a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, minimalism, glass, and metal. Some of our clients prefer the modern interior style. We pursue their dream home by featuring wood and earthier elements, using colors that have an earthier hue and attribute shades like rust, brown, and olive greens, pulling over the vintage look.

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