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Common Pain Points In House Construction Industry-2022


Client’s pain points are one of the common things in the construction industry and an important thing to cover while proceeding with a project. If you want to run your business successful as whatever kind it is, an important thing to do is to understand your client’s pain points beforehand. Finding ways to solve them is the most responsible thing you can do to both your client and the project.

Common Clients Pain Points

Pain points are the persistent issues that your client facing with the service that requires a solution. It is good for both the client and their business partner to face them as early as possible. In the field of construction, it is important to overcome the pain points in order to reach a better output for both the client and the contractor.

Mainly there are four types of pain points such as process pain points, support pain points, financial pain points and productivity pain points.

Process pain points

It includes problems with the internal services in the project and the inability to contact the right section of service employees. It includes inconveniences related to tracking and delivery, communication, product details and many redundant steps in between.

Support pain points

It includes the ability of the company’s customer services. Client’s first impression about the company would be lies in the hands of its customer service section. If the client does not find it reliable and hard to communicate with, they will probably go for an alternative.

Financial pain points

As it seems, it is related to the client’s budget. Customers pay attention to the price and value in the first place. If they find there is no potential to save money it will dry them off. It includes expensive problems such as overpaying for tools and software, spontaneous purchases of materials and non-transparent final cost.

Productivity pain points

This involves the customer’s major interest for the productivity and convenience in your service. More redundant processes and small intermediate steps popping out of nowhere are the major occurrence under this pain points.

How to identify pain points?

There is quite a lot ways to identify customer pain points at an early stage. Because as far as it goes undone, it will affect the both end including the client and the employer adversely. So it is important to find out about them as a first thing before starting with any project progression.

Ø  Observing your competitors is one of the ways to make your progress in the industry. It will help you to recognize the parts you are missing and the ones which needed to be cut out. It will help you to come up with ideas to strengthen your market strategies.

Ø  Using live chat with customer via online will help to find out about pain points instantly. It is a most effective way to communicate immediately with customers and vice versa.

Ø  Customer interacts with several departments in your firm. So in order to collect pain points you should check in with your sales, marketing and customer service teams.

Ø  Conducting customer surveys help a lot to find out pain points and it is a standard deal of customer support and marketing teams. Also conducting marketing research will be useful too.


Ways to deal with pain points

Ø  The most simple and highly effective way is to fix the problems that are easy to deal with. If it is about the customer service or the use of specific material, that is quite easy to replace.

Ø  Use a time tracking system with the employees so that you can ensure that there will be no issue of delay or miscommunication, by keeping up with them.

Ø  Analyze from the research about the root reasons of the pain points. It’s useful to follow review sites, customer service reviews and social media comments for this.

Ø  Once find out the basic reasons of the pain points, it’s time to proceed with the effective solutions. It’s better to improve your internal processes and systems according to that.

The special steps through which Royallinks deal with pain points.

Along with all the above mentioned strategies, which are commonly undertaken by other contractors, Royallinks specifically follow some more steps to overcome customer pain points.

Ø  Royallinks believes in taking precautions before actually inviting the problem to deal with. It is sure to have pain points from client’s side in the work. Yet Royallinks secure it with a real-time communication. Royallinks ask clients directly about their basic pains in the project overview. With a direct successful communication, it is possible to cover all the customer pains effectively.

Ø  Customer follow-up is an efficient method taken by Royallinks throughout the years of reliability. It’s useful to update with the work progress as well as to gain the client’s trust. This also helps us to achieve a successful outcome after the process.

Ø  As we are using many web-based field softwares, we always ensure offline capabilities in the work site in order to avoid any sort of delay in task completion. It is also efficient for completing critical tasks like safety reports and inspection reports.

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