October 18, 2022 - BY Vismaya Mahendran

Strategies To Overcome Climate Changes On House Construction.


The weather in Bangalore has been changing rapidly these days, affecting both people’s lives and their houses. The field of construction has been affected by this climate change adversely. This result in generating many threats related to the house construction process in Bangalore. Climate change can directly affect house construction through both climate and weather. Also, it causes indirect impacts on the construction sector, including delays in the process, delivery, extra expense, site programming, building material cost, and the safety of the employees. 

Factors Affecting The Climate .

In Bangalore, several factors influence the climate, such as latitude, altitude, natural vegetation and soil, ocean currents and wind, and slope and aspects. Also, Bangalore’s population has increased more than ten times in m 1960-2020. Urbanization gradually led to an increase in land surface temperature by 25% approximately. Apart from increased urbanization, other conditions influence climate change, like the warm conditions in the Arabian sea, which could have led to heavy rain. 

The Impacts Of Climate Change On The House Construction

Climate change can make drastic effects on the house construction project cycle. Each variation in the weather constitutes a major influence on various construction stages. Strong storms are always a great challenge for building designs. As house construction can be very vulnerable to climate change, in the future, there can be a high chance risk of collapse and other issues causing significant loss of value of the property. Here are some of the negative impacts of climate change on house construction.

  • Hot weather needs specific building materials for house construction. Roofs tend to wear out in hot climate more than in winter.
  • A dry climate leads to shrinking and cracking, which causes the lack of stability of the house and makes it vulnerable to wet weather and seismic activity.
  • Windy and cold weather causes much pressure on buildings resulting in racking and uplifting.
  • Climate change can also make workers in trouble by creating unsafe work conditions and challenging their health. The temperature rise can cause heat stroke and heat stress.
  • Rainy weather seems more dangerous to construction by causing flooding and other water problems. It can deteriorate the wood and slippery surfaces and increase the risk of injuries in the case of laborers. Also, during rainy weather, the concrete takes much time to dry, which can cause a delay in construction.


Strategies To Overcome The Effects Of Weather Changes

For each climate and weather change, the construction industry has to take up many cautions to make the buildings survive. 

  • Give importance to green to offer shade and reduce heat waves.
  • Establish more sustainable homes.
  • In flood-prone areas, houses constructed on pillars will be more survival.
  • Build round-shaped houses to be resilient to cyclones and strong winds.
  • The roof design is also important in wind-resilient houses. Roofs with multiple slopes can withstand strong winds more.
  • Installing central shafts can reduce wind force.
  • To survive winter, houses should face maximum sun exposure, and external wall surfaces should be painted black.

Strategies Undertaken by Royallinks Constructions.

As the construction field is quite vulnerable to climate change, it is required to take proper care while proceeding with construction. This is necessary for the long life span of your house. Royallinks has been taking professional requirements different from local contractors during construction in this rapidly changing climate in Bangalore. The following mentioned the construction treatments usually taken by Royallinks.

  • Use of vents and PAV or attic fan to help in the air circulation under the roof during hot weather. As overly drying houses can get old faster, this air circulation prevents the wood from drying out.
  • Make more stabilized foundations while constructing a house in flood-prone areas and adding more vents.
  • Professional employees are always present in order to analyze the compatibility of the house design and the location. Also, to proceed with great house construction.
  • Workers’ safety has so much great importance. Royallinks always take measures to ensure worksite safety before processing the construction.
  • Adaptation of more proper and sustainable building materials, such as bricks and wood, can cause decay faster in high temperature.
  • Making sustainable greenhouses more standardized and adapting renewable energy forms.


House construction has become a more serious process in the climate change in Bangalore. It is necessary to keep an eye on location during construction, and the construction is required to be customized according to the location and its vulnerabilities to the weather. And the builder should be professional and efficient in order to adapt all the safety measures in the project and ensure the stability of the house. So it is more important to hire a suitable and responsible House construction company In Bangalore like Royallinks who take the required precautions and proceed with a safeguarded house construction for you in the challenging weather. 

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