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Many people dream and work hard to build their own homes. And, of course, no one wants any defects in the process. This is where the importance of Bhoomi puja lies. In India, Bhumi puja has a lot o influence on the citizens. Through the ritual of seeking the blessings of Mother Earth and other gods, the construction process would achieve all positivity and success. It helps to check up on the land and to eradicate all the negativities in the surroundings.

In this article, you can check out the auspicious Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2023 for your house construction.

Best Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2023

January – There are no muhurat for Bhumi puja in January 2023, according to the Hindu calendar. Yet some astrologers suggest that dates such as 4, 7, 9, 12, 14, 18, 25, 26, 24, 23, and 28 are suitable for holding the ritual.

Month DateDay
10/02/2023(Friday )
10:15 am to 12:15 pm

Month DateTime
07:28 am to 12:24 am
10/03/2023 (Friday)
07:24 am to 10:25 am

There are no auspicious muhurat for Griha Nirman in April, May, June, July, and August. Even though you can consult an astrologer or a priest who would assign Bhumi puja dates for you according to your horoscope.

07:40 am to 12:16 pm
25/09/2023 (Monday)
06:42 am to 08:26 pm
27/09/2023 (Wednesday )
07:39 am to 10:38 pm

 There are no good dates for Bhoomi pooja in October 2023. Still, one can consult an astrologer or Vastu expert to know whether there is any data to start house construction based on their horoscope.

 07:21 am to 09:12 pm
07:22 am to 09:08 pm

Month DateTime
08:55 am to 12:05 pm

Once you have decided on the plot to build your home, ensure to begin the construction process on an auspicious date and in the perfect Bhoomi pujan muhurat to attract positive energy, financial security, good luck, and happiness into the new home. 

This will strengthen all the positivity and guarantee your comfort and family bond in the house. Also, it is important not to choose the time period between Ashada Shukla and Karthik Shukla to begin the house construction as it is not good at all for the process.

The dates before January 15, from March 15 to April 15, and from December 15 could be better in North India because of the presence of Karmas. If you are not following Karmas, you can do the Bhoomi puja on the dates.

Bhoomi Pujan Muhurat in 2023 

· Dwitiya

· Tritiya

· Panchami

· Saptami

· Dashami

· Ekadashi

· Trayodashi

· Purnima

One should refrain from starting construction on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. Since Mondays and Thursdays are auspicious in 2023, it is better to choose those days. 

Shubh Nakshatra for Bhoomi Pujan in 2023

· Uttaraphalguni

· Uttarashada

· Uttarabhadrapada

· Rohini

· Mrigshira

· Revati

· Chitra

· Anuradha

· Shatabhisha

· Swati

· Dhanishta

· Hasta

· Pushya

Auspicious Lagnas for Bhoomi Pujan in 2023

· Taurus

· Gemini

· Leo

· Virgo

· Scorpio

· Sagittarius

· Aquarius

Days to avoid for Bhoomi pujan muhurat in 2023


This month is from March to April. One should avoid this time as it brings deprivation for the house owner.


In June, the planets are not in a favorable position.


The month of July must be avoided for laying the foundation, or it will bring a loss.


The time could be better in August as it will cause financial losses.


Avoid September to start constructing your new home since it can result in tensions and fights in the household.


This month falls in October and, according to Vastu, should be avoided to lay the foundation of your new home.


January 18 to February 16 may only bring benefits if you install the foundation during this period.


It is a significant dream for many people to build a home. And for that, keeping your house construction away from all the negativities is essential. Bhoomi puja is held for the goodness and success of your house construction and further activities.

It helps maintain harmony and peace in the household, which is why it is inevitable. It is also important to make sure all the things are mentioned above while moving for Bhoomi puja. I hope you all find this article beneficial.

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