December 22, 2022 - BY Vismaya Mahendran

How Everybody Can Construct/Build a New House In Bangalore?



Living in Bangalore, aka the middle of opportunities, requires enough attention to the market. People need to be more conscious while choosing a shelter in the city where the average cost of living would be at least Rs 21,000 monthly.

There are a handful of options while looking for a good stay, yet you must be patient and keep your research. If your research is worthy, you will realize that Building a house in Bangalore is more convenient and significant than going for an apartment.

The Cost Of an Apartment In Bangalore

In Bangalore, the cost of an apartment varies depending on the site location, plan, builder’s reputation, resale price, construction quality, registration charges, broker fees, and other additional expenses.

The average cost of 1 BHK flat ranges from Rs 24 lakh to Rs 31 lakh. According to the latest square feet price in Bangalore, the average cost of a 2 BHK apartment would be around Rs 65 lakh to Rs 90 lakh. The cost of 3 BHK apartments in Bangalore varies from Rs 84 lakh to Rs 2.60 Cr.

The Rent Price Of Apartments In Bangalore

Staying in a rental apartment would be the most expensive thing you do as long as you stay in the city, and it would cost almost 3/4th of your living.

The monthly rent of a 1 BHK apartment in Bangalore would be Rs 12,000 to Rs 20,000, and this comes in addition to a deposit price of around Rs 50,000.

The rental price of a 2 BHK apartment often ranges from Rs 22,000 to Rs 35,000. The deposit amount would be around Rs 1,00000 to Rs 1,25000.

The rent for a 3 BHK apartment varies from Rs 30,000 to Rs 60,000, with a deposit amount of Rs 3,00000.

Perks Of Building a House In Bangalore

Having your own house is much more beneficial and convenient than staying in an apartment in the city. The overall expense of constructing a home is less than spending your whole earnings on an apartment. If you are planning to stay in Bangalore f or a long time or the rest of your life, then you have to build a new house to save money.

Think about earning money by working hard and spending it all on an EMI or rent every month. Nobody wants that. So it is healthy for your wallet to have a new house rather than an apartment/rental in Bangalore.

Another good thing about constructing a house is that you will get proper guidance and professional assistance while looking for an apartment.

You can’t check any reviews or do any research about the room you are going to have. The only way you can get information is from a broker. And the reliability of a broker is limited.

If you are constructing a house, you can do a background check on the best house construction company in Bangalore. And you can measure the quality of their work by their past projects.

One of the important benefits of having a house is living in peace and comfort. You will get a feeling that it is your own place. Privacy and space are difficult to get in an apartment; the overall floor space would be limited, and the rooms tend to be more compact than in the house. Parking is often not guaranteed. Strata fees and restrictions will be another problem.

How Royallinks Helps to Build Your New House In Bangalore?

We, Royallinks being the best house construction company in Bangalore help you to make your home affordable.
For most people, financial limitations are the major obstacle to constructing the house they love. Everyone is afraid of the money stress that will impose on them during the construction.

Yet Royallinks help you here, and now you can finish your home construction without that financial pressure. We provide you with the most reliable method to proceed with a monthly payment of 27000 to 30000 and build your home. This payment can be made in your own time within 10-15 years. With this EMI method, the weight of spending 50 lakh – 70 lakh instantly will be lifted off your shoulder. Through this, we also help you to reduce the total expense to 40 lakh - 50 lakh.


It is important to have a proper shelter while staying in Bangalore. However it is also important to make sure not to get broke. To make it budget-friendly, it is better and clever to go for having a house rather than opting for an apartment which is nothing but excess expense. So ensure your budget and give importance to your mental peace and comfort build a house in Bangalore.

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